A Quick Recommendation

I read to be moved. If I settle down with a book in hand or set out for a long run with earbuds and audible, my hope is the same: I want the author to make me feel something. The best books help me experience the full range of emotions, but I’ll settle for a hard giggle or an I cannot believe the author just did that moment. If I’m in between books or just need something a bit shorter, The Sun is my go-to literary magazine. It is guaranteed to pack a punch. It’s filled with personal essays, memoirs, and poetry. There are typically one or two pieces of short fiction. A section titled Readers Write offers readers a chance to write short (true) stories around a given theme. Examples of past themes are fences, my backyard, hanging on, and windows. If I had to choose one mood for this magazine, it would be melancholy. Somehow, after reading, I am always a little more focused on the things around me.

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