A Good Personal Day

I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good personal day. These are not Saturdays or Sundays typically filled with parent duties like shuttling kids to soccer, skiing, and friends’ houses. I’m talking about the day we set aside for rejuvenation during the painfully long teaching month of February (every year I tell myself to take a personal day in February, but every year, I’ve come up with a reason to avoid doing so. This year, I finally did, but we had a snow day). 

I dream of a personal day filled with writing, reading, and napping by the fire, but it has yet to happen. Instead, I try to do everything and end up feeling like I missed the whole point of the day. On this latest snow/personal day, I read snippets of my students’ blogs (no schoolwork, I told myself!), prepared my starter for a batch of sourdough, ran a few miles, prepped for the next week of school (ugh! Again, with the school stuff), and went to the Penn State Basketball game. It’s not that I dislike any of these activities; rather, it’s that I need to do a better job of setting them aside without feeling guilty. I used to convince myself that a productive day was a good one, the longer my list of accomplishments, the more accomplished I should feel. But, I find that this rarely leads to a feeling of rest and rejuvenation.

So, my goal in the next few months of school is to occasionally take a day where I just really allow myself to be bored. So bored that my eyelids grow heavy at 2:30 in the afternoon and I let myself fall asleep with an unfinished book in my lap. That’ll be a good personal day.