Teaching Teens to Drive

Child #1

wasn’t exactly excited to learn to drive

is cautious by nature

drives slowly and carefully

methodical while training

wanted parents nearby to answer questions

only driving to soccer practice

and to friends who lived nearby

Almost sixteen-year-old child #2

who dreams of driving alone

far away from parents

is somewhat impulsive

a wandering mind, an adventurous spirit

driving represents freedom

a bold move toward independence

Yesterday in a vacant parking lot

child #2 drove slowly

around the perimeter of the lot

asking questions

carefully checking mirrors

who was this child?

so cautious, pensive, focused?

I was sure there would be giggling

whiplashing, apologizing

but steady hands

and mindful eyes

gave me hope

5 thoughts on “Teaching Teens to Drive

  1. I love the contrast between your two kids here. The steady hands and mindful eyes gave me hope line is so good. We have to remember that our kids will often surprise us beyond our expectations!

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  2. I like the word choice in this slice. Your well crafted words had me watching easily from the backseat. I actually cringed as I saw the title because I HATED trying to teach my oldest how to dirve. Maybe it was because the car was a 5-speed and I couldn’t figure out how to teach her. Finally, my husband helped her to master it. My youngest never learned. She happily lives in a city where she takes public transportation or rides a bike. Congrats on this parent accomplishment.

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  3. I can relate to this all wrapped up in my one and only teen driver! I love that you share all the ways they are different and the end breaks the pattern in a way that surprises you and your reader alike! Nice set up!

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  4. Beautifully done. This resonates. Though it will be the reverse for me (oldest is kind of spacey/lives on another planet and youngest is very exacting)… I predict seeing new and unexpected sides of my kids when we reach this milestone. Thank you for sharing!

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